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Our President and CEO is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, with over 30 years of experience supporting Federal clients in developing and integrating IT solutions. He is a pioneer in the field and has spearheaded the movement from mainframe computing to web-enabled technology within the DoD. His extensive knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and current best practices in software development and business process improvement makes him an exceptional leader capable of solving your IT issues.

Our Executive Vice President is a U.S. Navy Veteran and Navy Reserve Commander, with over 23 years of diverse leadership experience in Navy acquisition programs, naval aviation, and commercial aviation.  He has specialized experience in the development of training programs, flight operations, systems engineering, program management, DODAF and interoperability analysis. His expertise is currently being utilized to shape the C4I architecture and operational concepts for Navy aircraft.  His extensive knowledge of military operations and C4I systems can help solve your interoperability and battlespace integration issues.

Our Vice President of Technical Operations has over 22 years of experience in information technology development. His extensive experience in this field includes serving as a developer through managing development as a lead systems architect. He has a diverse background in several cutting-edge technologies which leaves him well suited to identify and engineer the best-of-breed technologies to address our customers’ needs. He actively follows new developments in the ever-changing IT field and prides himself on staying on the leading edge of Information Technology.