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SVT has over ten year’s expertise designing, developing, fabricating, and the characterization of test article sets for DHS.  Our experience also comprises of support of a cargo study data collection effort where SVT personnel were responsible for collecting Stream of Commerce (SOC) cargo data at multiple air cargo facilities, performing data characterization, and a database development for retrieval and reporting.  In addition to, SVT personnel have designed and developed test articles to include the Core PreCert and Home Made Explosive (HME) test standards used in the certification process of all automated explosive detection devices.  These test standards, designed by SVT personnel, used an even statistical distribution of bag types found in SOC passenger bags.  These test standards were developed to account for a variety of clutter threats, threat concealment and threat containment.  SVT designed and developed the databases and data tables used to track changes, repetitions of testing, and scoring of testing.