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SVT observed and collected data on the air cargo screeners using their current procedures.  SVT’s Engineers and Scientist trained the screener in a classroom and computer based system on the Cargo On Screen (OSR) procedures.  The training included instructing the students on the Cargo OSR protocol and decision points.  This training was provided in lecture setting.  SVT provided On- the- Job (OTJ) training exercise, using a computer based X-Ray simulator, where the students applied the new procedures on both threat and cleared images.  Our instructors closely monitored and worked with the student to verify correct decisions and further train the screeners on the appropriate use of the protocol when the students decisions were in error.  Once the students were proficient in Cargo OSR, under the observation of the Engineers, they used the Cargo OSR procedures to screen live SOC cargo for a week.  The Engineer collected data and our Scientist evaluated the data to develop the evaluation final Report on the OSR procedures.